What is psychotherapy good for?

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What is psychotherapy good for?

People don’t create success in their lives because they are going after what other people want.

There are forces at work that drive success and failures. This force is often unrecognized  and unidentified.  We go about our daily lives without knowing that they promulgate our lives.    The force is our beliefs.  Our beliefs are the ideas that we accept as true often without  question.  Socrates said an unexamined life is not worth living.  As a psychotherapist I agree.  Not knowing what actually drives you and motivates you means you make choices without  wisdom or curiosity.  It is reflexive living by default.
Do you live in the past or the present?  Beliefs are our inheritance.  From grandparents to parents to you.  These beliefs are handed down  through the generations.  You see it by the way that people live their lives The beliefs are followed without examination.  They are simply the way things are.  The unchallenged – everybody knows – truth.  Unconcious beliefs are always considered true and we live by them. We don’t even know their there until someone challenges them.
Many people think that psychotherapy is about blaming the parent,  It isn’t, it’s about looking at family values  and if it works in today’s world.  As a child you are not responsible for the information  that is given to you.  You take it in and assume it is always so.  As an adult, you are responsible for how you live.  It is not a time to blame it is a time to choose what you will keep and what you will toss.
Of course there are taboos against questioning your foundation there will be times it is hard to do the work because it makes you feel anxious or depressed  Old beliefs fight back when they are challenged To suceed you must have tools you believe in  This is what you discover in psychotherapy.
When you look at where you are right now.  Your job,your finances, your salary and relationships you are probably reacting to it.  You have strong feelings or you go numb.  What if you looked for patterns instead?  You could choose to interupt that pattern and make different choices which would lead to different results.  If you find your  original belief is true it will not be changed by examining it.  What will change are thoughts that won’t serve you.
To live beyond survival you need to look at the thoughts that create your world.  If you feel disatisfied or restless that is the beginning of the hunger inside to know yourself Every choice and direction you take will bring you closer or further from success.

What gets in the way is the story you tell yourself.  It is an explanation of why you can or cannot do something.  This is where those unknown beliefs take control.  Do you want to continue that stony or write something else.I f you are interested in a free consultation please call 646-770-1603.

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