What kind of therapy is right for me?

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What kind of therapy is right for me?

Ever wonder what kind of therapy would be the best suited to you?

The following is a table of client personality traits that guide a therapist in choosing the kind of therapy that would work for the client

Adapted from: Novalis PN, Rojcewicz SJ, Peele R. Clinical Manual of Supportive Psychotherapy. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press, Inc., 1993.
PSYCHODYNAMIC Chronic sense of emptiness and underestimation of self worth
Loss or long separation in childhood
Conflicts in past relationships
Capacity for insight
Ability to modulate regression
Access to dreams and fantasy
Little need for direction and guidance
Stable environment
COGNITIVE Obvious distorted thoughts about self, world, and future
Pragmatic (logical) thinking
Real inadequacies (including poor responses to other psychotherapies)
Moderate to high need for direction and guidance
Responsiveness to behavioral training and self help (high degree of self control)
INTERPERSONAL Recent, focused dispute with spouse or significant other
Social or communication problems
Recent role transition or life change
Abnormal grief reaction
Modest to moderate need for direction and guidance
Responsiveness to environmental manipulation
SUPPORTIVE Failure to progress in other types of therapy
Cognitively impaired and illogical
Acute or chronic medical illness
Presence of somatization or denial of illness
Requiring high levels of guidance or responsive to behavioral methods

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